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About Us

The Road to Better Hair

AfroPHBabe has a genuine passion for providing healthy hair care solutions

Have you ever wanted to wear your crown with pride? Flaunt your own mane and see it flourish?

AfroPHBabe is here to make that a reality!

Our story: I returned natural twice over the last 15 years and ended up wearing locs as I had absolutely no idea on how to care for and wear my hair loose which I desperately wanted to.

Fast forward to 2015, I gave birth to my daughter and I knew I had to embrace my hair, especially for her sake. I immersed myself into learning about my hair and hair care and embraced a Science-based approach to hair care.

Come and join us on that journey!

We offer an abundance of services within the hair care domain. Some of the services we provide are:

Healthy hair consultations for Kids/Adults

Creating Personalised Hair care Regimens

Hair Braiding parties

Braiding Masterclasses (Beginner to Advanced)

Corporate braiding events

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Image by Liana Mikah


About: Testimonials

​Perfect! I absolutely loved the 1:1 classes with Dorcas.
My technique for almost 15 years of plaiting and cornrows has completely changed. Dorcas was able to point out my errors carefully and immediately corrected it. Dorcas was extremely patient with me throughout my few classes I undertook with her. The classes were well detailed and explained. I do look forward to taking more classes with her in the future and I would most definitely recommend her classes to anyone looking for a great braiding tutor.


Professional and patient, Dorcas was perfect. Great learning experience!


I’ve always wanted to learn how to braid so when I came across Dorcas’s platform I didn’t waste time in booking my sessions with her. 
I must say, I have gained a lot more confidence and she was really patient with me. Her hospitality was 5 star!
Thank you for teaching me how to braid Dorcas.


Amazing tutor during the lockdown period, when wanted to learn how to braid my hair


Dorcas is my go to when I need to learn anything to do with hair. Over the lockdown I’ve had to braid my hair myself and her videos made this process so much easier. She breaks down the steps in a way that makes it easy to learn and practice.


I recommend Dorcas anyday because with her braid class, I learnt how to part hair cleanly and do box braids. Now I can do my daughter's hair without going to the hair dressers anymore.


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